Energetics of Success Coaching

Throughout my career as a coach I have learned that everything is energy. I have also come to understand that the energy comprising our thoughts, emotions and beliefs get stuck within the energy centers of our bodies and surrounding energy fields.

My methodology is a tried and true process combining intuitive coaching and energy movement.

I guide my clients through the process of claiming their authenticity, by educating them about their own energy. This allows them to maximize their optimum potential achieving success in any area of their life.

Through this, we journey through the chakras to learn about your energetic levels. This is a process of uncovering. Just like peeling back the layers of an onion. We are complex individuals and we never really know what’s there until we begin to look. It can be applied personally but I also use it to help people grow their businesses.

There has to be a certain level of commitment on your part to look within and do the work and ask the questions. I serve as a guide to assist you in doing that. I can’t tell you what your purpose will be or how your path will look, but I can guide you to come upon it yourself and walk with you along the way.

Individual Sessions

I do offer individual sessions; however, if you really want to invest in becoming a better version of yourself I would encourage you to look at my Energetics of Success program. In this three- to six-month program, we will focus on resolving a specific issue, from growing your business to improving your personal relationships.

Small Business Coaching

I offer coaching for owners and managers of small businesses. In our sessions, we get in touch with the soul of your business and use this energy as a guide to manifest your goals.

Akashic Records

Akashic records are the energetic records of your soul’s history. I use them during coaching and energy sessions to help clients access and understand more of their soul’s journey and life purpose. Through reading the records together we can plan your life and/or your business around your passion and reason for being here.

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